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Coho Sunshine Coast

Coho Sunshine Coast, located in the historic Lower Gibsons building formerly known as The Trading Post, is an air-conditioned, Class 1 commissary kitchen designed to accommodate a variety of food producers. With its modern facilities and community-oriented approach, Coho Sunshine Coast honors the region's culinary heritage while fostering innovation and growth for local food businesses.

Whether you're looking for a brief culinary project or seeking to expand your business, Coho Sunshine Coast is ready to assist you with our flexible and accommodating solutions.

Flexible Membership Tiers

Choose a membership that’s right for you. From a shared workstation to a dedicated private kitchen, we have membership options to fit your current business needs while offering you the flexibility to grow as your business grows. All our members enjoy our 24/7 access to our ready-to-use facilities, communal equipment, online booking systems, group discounts, and more. 

Coho Commissary_Web_11.jpg

From $378/month

20 hours per month access to a shared workstation and equipment

Coho Commissary_Web_03.jpg

From $1,638/month

Round-the-clock access to a 5'x10' workstation and equipment

Coho Commissary_Web_18.jpg
Part Time

From $630/month

86 hours per month access to a shared workstation and equipment

Coho Commissary_Web_13.jpg

From $2,268/month

Round-the-clock access to a 10'X10' workstation and equipment

Coho Commissary_Web_05.jpg
Full Time

From $1,008/month

178 hours per month access to a shared workstation and equipment

Food Truck*

From $420/month

Access to grey water dumping, potable water and 1 dry and 1 cold/freezer storage shelf

*Food truck, parking, and kitchen access not included.

Kitchen Features and Included Services

The following services and amenities are included for all of our members at Coho Sunshine Coast.


Cleaning Supplies

Appliance Maintenance.png

Equipment Maintenance

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Online Booking



Security Cameras.png

Security Cameras


24 Hour Access

Retail Opportunities.png

Retail Opportunities

Member Perks.png

Member Discounts

Water disposal.png

Waste Disposal


Pest Control

Why Coho Icons-4.png

Communal Equipment

Oil Disposal.png

Oil Disposal




Air Conditioned

Office Supplies.png

Co-working Space

Rag Service.png

Rag Service


Loading Dock

Communal Equipment*

  • Ice Machine

  • 20qt Planetary Mixer

  • 30 qt Planetary Mixer

  • Convection Oven

  • Sheeter

  • Vacuum Sealer

  • Deep Fryer

  • Flat Top

  • Char Broiler

  • 8 Burner Range

  • Proofing Cabinet

  • Steam Kettle

  • Walk-in Cooler**

  • Walk-in Freezer**

* Core equipment is shared with all members.

** Cooler and Freezer storage are an additional cost.


292 Gower Point Rd., Gibsons, Sunshine Coast

Nearby Transportation

001 Langdale Ferry - Sechelt Local (120 m)

090 Langdale Ferry - Sechelt Express (120 m)

Langdale Ferry Terminal (4.7 km)

Coho member Jam Jar

"We've operated Jamjar's kitchen in multiple locations over the past decade. Coho has been a breath of fresh air in the coworking space community. The facility is well equipped and very well maintained. However, the real value comes from the way the business is operated. There's a genuine drive from Andrea to truly make the space a successful hub for all involved and not simply act as a landlord. We're stoked to be part of the community."

Fadi Eid - Jamjar Canteen

Here to Help

Our kitchens are all managed by a commissary operations team, who are here to guide you through your business journey. They will be your taste tester, your cheerleader, and your designated resource for how to operate your business successfully within our community. Leave the facility and appliance maintenance to us, and focus on the core of your business and what matters to your customers.

Coho Commissary Team

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