For those who love a good crunch, these bites are sure to please. They’re just loaded with a variety of nuts and seeds, all whole and all raw.

A perfect snack for any time of day, the Nuts & Seeds Bites pair deliciously with coffee or tea, can fuel up a lunch break — yes, they work as a meal replacement! — and can seriously serve your energy levels while playing outside, climbing a mountain, cleaning the house, or merely tending to that yummy sugar craving.
Handcrafted with love from ethically sourced ingredients in small batches. No sugar – sweetened ONLY with dates and raisins.

Buddha Bites - Nuts & Seeds | By Cacao Now

  • Ingredients:

    Cacao Nibs* Dates* Raisins* Sunflower Seeds* Coconut Oil* Pumpkin Seeds* Cashews* Hemp Hearts* Cacao Butter* Almonds* Coconut* Cacao Powder* Sea Salt*