fuelling our community

We exist to nurture dreams, supercharge small businesses, and innovate the food and beverage industry with the goal of creating a positive and long-lasting impact on our friends, neighbours, and the place we call home. 

our core values

We take care of each other. 
Fostering community means we care as much about each other as we do ourselves. We are all stewards of our community and the spaces where we live, work, and play.

We all have a voice.
We believe that everyone’s opinion and lived experiences bring value when communicated with empathy, thoughtfulness, and respect.

What we do matters.
We do what we do with care and purpose; seeing each day’s challenges as opportunities for creativity and growth.

Words are powerful.
We believe that fostering open and honest communication drives innovation through collaboration, rights wrongs, strengthens relationships, and is a catalyst for action. We start first by listening.

We need to be the change we want to see.
We lead by example. To be innovative means that we challenge convention. As creators and leaders we need to be brave and unafraid to take calculated risks. We accept that it takes grit to stumble and fall on our journey to realizing our vision.

our team










our story

We founded our angel investment fund, Coho Provisions, in 2017 because we were passionate about food and we wanted to support the myriad of outstanding Vancouver food start-ups that were on a mission to change the world. We were so inspired to do more - we decided to roll up our sleeves and opened our first two commercial commissary kitchens one year later.