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Why Coho Commissary

We are passionate about cultivating a community in support of food entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through access to facilities, distribution, shared resourcing and industry expertise.

Low start up costs

We get it! You’re embarking on a new adventure but there’s also a lot of uncertainty. Reducing your upfront costs to starting a new business means you can focus on producing a great product and connecting with your customers.

Speed to market

It’s like they say, time is money. The faster you can get your delicious creations in the hands of your fans and followers, the faster you can grow your business.

Save time and operating costs

The entrepreneurs we work with want to focus their resources on producing and connecting with customers and communities and less time on administrative tasks like paying lofty bills. Operating your business in a shared kitchen means shared costs!

Convenient locations

Centrally situated locations with region-wide access to serve you better.

Community support

Raising a business take a village! Any successful entrepreneur will tell you it’s not always easy. But our cohesive kitchen communities are all about collective support and celebrating collaboration.

“The entrepreneurial path is a lonely path, but in a shared space it’s such a close community.”
- Julia Pham, Khoe (Coho East Georgia), Montecristo Magazine
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