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discover new culinary delights

Order online from the diverse array of talented Coho members

Coho Commissary is home to many food businesses. Whether you are looking to order dinner for tonight or wanting to stock your fridge with local goodies, this is the place to be!

'Virtual Restaurants & Food Trucks' shows you the different options from where you can order meals either delivered to your door or picked up at 1370 East Georgia St. (Vancouver) and the members that food trucks.

In 'Meal Prep & Catering' you can find businesses that offer pick up or delivery of their products in a couple of days. Check each of them for more details. It also shows you the businesses that offer catering style foods. You can order meal plans or food for special events amongst others. 

'Packaged Goods' is full of goodies to stock for delicious cooking. From sauces to snacks and spices, check it out for some very unique products. 

Virtual Restaurants & Food Trucks


Meal Prep & Catering


Packaged Goods


Bakery & Patisserie