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Dessert cooking class

Group Workshops & Cooking Classes

Group Workshops & Cooking Classes

292 Gower Point Road, Gibsons BC

The Sunshine Kitchen is a versatile and welcoming space located on the Sunshine Coast, perfect for a variety of group events centered around food. Whether you're planning unique team building activities, creative stagette or stag parties, birthdays, or any other type of celebration, the Sunshine Kitchen is the ideal spot to host your event.

But the Sunshine Kitchen is more than just a place to cook and eat. It's also a space designed for group activities and bonding experiences. With a range of amenities and features, you'll find everything you need to create an unforgettable event that brings people together. The Sunshine Kitchen is large enough to host up to 20 guests, but capacity depends on the workshop.

In addition to the beautiful location and great amenities, the Sunshine Kitchen offers a variety of workshops that are designed for groups to cook together and have a great time while learning something new. Whether you're interested in team building activities or celebrating a special occasion, we have something for everyone. Check out the different options and do not hesitate to reach out to us with your ideas!

Trish Talks Fish

Oh Shuck Yes

Learn to shuck fresh oysters and experience their distinct flavour profileslike a connoisseur! You’ll get hands-on instruction forsafe shucking, hot tips on presentation and pairing, and enjoy a half dozen of your own freshly shucked local oysters pairedwith a glass of bubblywhile learning howeating these beautiful bi-valves actually benefits the ocean!


Cook with Ken

Mmmmm... Bacon

Students will learn an introduction into the art of charcuterie.  The difference between raw, cured and cooked sausages will be covered as well as curing ratios and types of meat to use.  Students will prepare a cure for pork bacon and make a duck rillette.  At the end of the class students will be able to take the day's recipes as well as their rillette and piece of curing pork bacon home with them.

Raw Steaks
Cook with Ken

The Whole Cow

You will be introduced to the art of butchery through a demonstration and interaction with the deboning and butchery of a hind quarter of beef.  This large portion of meat can weigh in excess of 100 kg and includes several striploin steaks, tenderloin steaks, sirloin steaks, as well as roasts and stewing meat.  Animal composition, muscle structure and best cooking methods for types of meat will be covered.  At the end of the class you will be able to take home selected steaks, roasts and stewing meat as well as recipes to prepare dishes at home.



Fun with food, for kids!

Teaching children and adults alike about food is a passion of Cheryl’s, and one she shares as the creator of Nourish Eatery in Sechelt. She believes that food is an adventure and that trying new or not-so-new dishes is a way for us to experience one another’s world. She created a cooking class to explore how much fun new dishes can be for the whole family.

Christopher Norman

Chocolate Making

Chocolate and Wine Pairing 101, Learn to taste, temper and make your own chocolate bars !


Trish Talks Fish

Sockeye Slay

Grab a friend, workmate, or dare your date to join you in teaming up and learning to fillet a whole wild BC sockeye salmon. You’ll work together to break down, fillet, portion, package, and get the most out of every bit of awhole salmon. Each participant getsto take their half of the fresh-cut fillets, alongwith a guide to fishmonger approved cooking tips and recipes, to enjoy at home.

Poultry Variety
Cook with Ken

The Whole Bird

Introduction to the world of butchery with a lesson on poultry.  Animal composition, bone structure, and texture of meat as well as best cooking methods.  Ways to minimize waste as well as an introduction to stock making.  You will debone their own chicken and prepare a plated meal that you can eat at the end of the course.  At the end of the class you will be able to take home the days recipes as well as the chicken .

Cook with Ken

Flavours of the Sunshine Coast

Students will learn the art of menu planning, an introduction into nutrition as well as how to source seasonal and regional ingredients while enjoying a plated 3 course dinner.  Introduction to foraged items on the sunshine coast will be covered as well as specific preparation techniques for each course.  Students will be given instruction by the Chef as he prepares the dinner and will receive detailed descriptions and recipes of at least 1 part of each of the courses.  At the end of the course students will also receive copies of the recipes from the evening’s dishes.



Introduction to Lebanese Food

This class covers an introduction of the Lebanese pantry, all the key ingredients and spices that make this cuisine unique and understanding the taste profile of Middle Eastern food. Expect to learn making at least 2 dishes. Classes span 2-2:30 hours. Available Wednesdays for a minimum of 6 people.


Wine Toast
Custom Event

Make it your own

Are you looking for a specific workshop, event or do you have an idea for a foodie workshop? Send us an email and we will get in touch!


Fresh Pasta
Cook with Ken

Dough my... that's good

Students will learn the art of pasta making.  From making fresh dough to rolling straight and filled pastas students will learn different types of pasta dough, different fillings, as well as sauces.  Straight pastas, ravioli, agnolotti, tortellini, dumplings and gnocchi will be covered.  The class will end with students eating a plate of freshly made pasta and sauce as well as being able to take home the recipes from the class. 

Raw Fish
Cook with Ken

The Whole Fish

You will be introduced to the art of seafood butchery.  Types of seafood, stock making, and best preparation methods for different kinds of fish will be covered.  You will have the opportunity to fillet your own salmon, make a stock and prepare a plated meal you can consume at the end of the course.  At the end of the class you will be able to take home the day's recipes, butchered seafood portions and completed fish stock.

Image 1 Credit Krause Berry Farm and Estate Winery.jpeg
Rooted Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition

Andrea Potter is a Red Seal Chef, Holistic Nutritionist and mom of young kids. 

Through her business, Rooted Nutrition, she leads cooking classes that hit that sweet spot of making healthy eating both practical and delicious! With over a decade of experience in teaching cooking classes in and around Vancouver, Andrea now calls the Sunshine Coast her home.  Andrea is connected to local food networks through School Food programs and the One Straw Society. Classes include Team-Building, Nutrition-Focused, Food Preservation and more. Classes for adults, youth and kids are available.

Wok in The Woods

Introduction to Cambodian Food

Tia grew up cooking with her mother.  She spent years learning all she could about South East Asian cuisine.  She loves to share her knowledge of the flavours and aromas from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. You will both prepare and enjoy your food.  At the end of the class you will walk away with a new set of skills having experienced a wonderful day or out!

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