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Private Prep Rooms

Private Prep Rooms


Welcome to Coho Commissary, where food entrepreneurs and business owners come to level up their operations. At Coho Commissary, we provide professional shared kitchen facilities designed to help your business thrive and streamline its processes. For our seasoned and established businesses, our private rooms can accommodate your growth, while ensuring you stay in control of costs and maintain the flexibility you need to succeed.

How Coho's Private Rooms Can Benefit Your Business

Customizable Workspaces: Tailor your private room to be a workspace to fit your unique business requirements and operations. Our private prep rooms are designed to offer the flexibility you need.


Communal Equipment: Boost your production capabilities with commercial grade equipment, giving you the ability to scale and streamline your operations. Select private rooms also offer the option to outfit with your own equipment, to truly create a private commercial kitchen space just for you*

Enhanced Efficiency: Focus on growth, not logistics. Our private prep rooms provide a dedicated, organized space specifically for your prep processes, streamlining your operations and increasing efficiency.


Ample Storage Solutions: Our private prep rooms offer generous storage for at no additional cost. If you need additional storage outside the private room, Coho Commissary has walk-in freezers and coolers, pallet storage, and other storage solutions available.


24/7 Operational Hours: Our commissaries are open every day of the year, 24 hours per day. We understand that each business is unique and  our commissaries provide you the freedom to work on your schedule.

Included Services

The following services and amenities are included for all of our members, whether you work out of a private kitchen space or you choose a shared prep station.


Cleaning Supplies

Appliance Maintenance.png

Equipment Maintenance

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Online Booking



Security Cameras.png

Security Cameras


24 Hour Access



Member Perks.png

Member Discounts

Water disposal.png

Waste Disposal


Pest Control

Greywater Dumping.png

Greywater Dumping

Oil Disposal.png

Oil Disposal




Air Conditioned

Office Supplies.png

Co-working Space

Rag Service.png

Rag Service


Loading Dock

Private Prep Rooms are Available at the Following Locations

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 18.13.26.png
Private Room with Class 1 Hood

13711 International Place, Richmond

From $40/sq ft

Richmond Commissary is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2024 and offers two private prep rooms with class 1 hoods. Perfect for companies who want to centralize their operations and streamline their production.


  • 10 dry shelves

  • 4 frozen and 4 cooler shelves

  • Access to communal equipment

  • 24/7 access

Pandora Private Kitchens-4.jpg
Private Room with Class 2 Hood

1623 Pandora Street, Vancouver

Enquire for pricing

An expansive 690 sq ft of dedicated space designed for established businesses seeking private and self-contained operations. 


  • 453 sq ft prep space

  • Private 112 sq ft Walk-In Cooler

  • Private 43.3 sq ft Walk-in Freezer with blast chill capacity

  • 3 phase power fitted

  • Class 2 hood

  • Communal dishwasher shared with all members

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 18.13.46.png
Private Room

13711 International Place, Richmond

From $35/sq ft

Richmond Commissary is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2024 and offers a few private prep rooms for those businesses who simply need more space.  Perfect for companies who need to scale but want to control their costs and streamline operations. 



  • 10 dry shelves

  • Access to communal equipment

  • 24/7 access

Blue Ivy-67.jpg
Private Room

1370 East Georgia, Vancouver

From $4,725

Unlock round-the-clock culinary possibilities with Coho Commissary's East Georgia Private Prep Room. This room offers entrepreneurs and established businesses access to a private room and shared communal equipment at any hour of the day at one of our most sought after locations.


  • 175 sq ft 

  • Access to communal equipment

  • 24/7 access


Commissary Management Team

Interested in becoming a member?

Ready to propel your established business to new heights? Explore the unmatched opportunities of our Private Prep Rooms by reaching out for a personalized consultation and tour. Join Coho Commissary and position your brand for continued success through strategic expansion.


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