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About Victoria Hudson

Our newest location, opening soon, is in the Victoria Public Market on Vancouver Island and will be a vibrant hub for creativity and food innovation. Centrally located in downtown Victoria, Coho Commissary - Victoria Hudson is a Class 1 kitchen and food prep space — perfect for wholesale food production, virtual restaurants, catering companies, and small businesses alike. 


Class 1 Kitchen


24-Hour Access


Air Conditioned


Ideal for Ghost Kitchens


Communal Equipment


Walk-in Coolers

Member Perks

Available stations

Hourly Station
Part Time Station
Full Time Station
Dedicated Station

Included Services

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Tushar Tondvalkar - The Indian Pantry

Coho is a great place to start your business. They cover a lot of overhead costs most businesses don't really think about when they're just starting out. Being here allows you to test out different kinds of businesses to see what fits, what you want to do, and what the customers want. You're surrounded by other entrepreneurs who have connections and experiences in places you don't have. Being here really does feel like you’re a part of a community.

Matt Murtagh-Wu - The Dumpling King

There's a social dimension to the business in general, but I think Coho has a bigger view to not just be a landlord. Coho is making an earnest effort to engage. They've been tapped to tell these stories, to reimagine what it means to be a giant shared kitchen owner, to celebrate and champion their tenants. Whether it's working in the cafe, doing pop-ups, these BIPOC business owner events, this can be called reimagining and it's updating what it means to be a shared kitchen owner.

Julia & Paul - Khóe Vietnamese Food

There’s a lot less risk and less overhead costs starting out in a commissary kitchen like Coho. We actually did a lot of trial and error with a few other business models before finding what works best for Khóe. And we couldn’t have done without the flexibility of working out of a shared commissary.