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Boost Your Business at Coho Sunshine Coast

Do you want to launch a new business?

Do you need more space?

Do you need better equipment?

Do you want to belong to a culinary community? 

Take your company's production out of your home and into the future with Coho Commissary. Our top-of-the-line facility offers everything you need to succeed, from cutting-edge equipment to collaborative workspaces, all within a thriving community of entrepreneurs.


Don't let limited space hold you back - unlock your true potential with Coho Commissary.

Apply today and revolutionize your business!

Why join Coho Commissary

Save time and operating costs

Our members want to focus their resources on producing and connecting with customers and less time on administrative tasks. Operating your business in a shared kitchen means shared costs!

Community support

Raising a business take a village!

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you it’s not always easy. But our cohesive kitchen communities are all about collective support and celebrating collaboration.

Flexible Memberships

Embrace the freedom to grow your dreams and business at your pace. Our options range from hourly access to dedicated stations – all without the burden of a long term commitment.

Member Perks

Joining Coho means getting access to lots of exclusive member offers: wholesale discounts, exclusive access to promotions and much more.

Brand-new Equipment

Our brand new facilities are equipped with the latest kitchen appliances and tools, providing you with everything you need to turn your culinary visions into reality. 

About Coho Sunshine Coast

292 Gower Point Rd. Gibsons, Sunshine Coast


Coho Sunshine Coast, located in the historic Lower Gibsons building formerly known as The Trading Post, is an air-conditioned, Class 1 commissary kitchen designed to accommodate a variety of food producers. Coho provides a professional workspace for entrepreneurs to bring their culinary visions to life. With its modern facilities and community-oriented approach, Coho Sunshine Coast honors the region's culinary heritage while fostering innovation and growth for local food businesses.

Additionally, Coho Sunshine Coast offers short-term memberships and flexible packages tailored for catering companies, farmer's market sellers, and culinary enthusiasts in need of temporary kitchen space. Working in our shared kitchens allows business owners to access brand-new facilities and equipment while connecting with a like-minded community of food entrepreneurs.

Whether you're looking for a brief culinary project or seeking to expand your business, Coho Sunshine Coast is ready to assist you with our flexible and accommodating solutions.


Class 1 Kitchen


Walk-in Coolers & Freezers


24-Hour Access


Air Conditioned


Communal Equipment


On the Sunshine Coast

Member Perks

Available Memberships

Membership Tiers

At Coho Sunshine Coast, we offer a range of flexible membership options to cater to your specific needs. Whether you require hourly access for occasional projects or a dedicated space for your ongoing endeavors, we've got you covered. The best part? There's no need for a long-term commitment; you have the freedom to choose what works best for you. 

Coho Commissary_Web_11.jpg

From $300/month

30 hours per month access to a shared workstation and equipment

Coho Commissary_Web_03.jpg


Round-the-clock access to a 5'x10' workstation and equipment

Coho Commissary_Web_18.jpg
Part Time

From $500/month

86 hours per month access to a shared workstation and equipment

Coho Commissary_Web_13.jpg


Round-the-clock access to a 10'X10' workstation and equipment

Coho Commissary_Web_05.jpg
Full Time

From $800/month

178 hours per month access to a shared workstation and equipment

Food Truck

From $350/month

Access to grey water dumping, potable water and 1 dry and 1 cold/freezer storage shelf

Short Term Options

Rent a dedicated kitchen space - as you need it, when you need it! Our short term memberships are ideal for caterers or businesses interested in single-day or seasonal rentals.

Coho Commissary_Web_16.jpg


Minimum 3 consecutive hours. Access to a 10x10 workstation and shared equipment.

Coho Commissary_Web_17.jpg
Full Day


Up to 10 hours of access to a 10x10 workstation and shared equipment. 

Coho Commissary_Web_21.jpg

$800/80 hours

Includes 80 hours of access to a workstation and shared equipment over 6 months

Coho Commissary Member Jamjar Canteen

"We've operated Jamjar's kitchen in multiple locations over the past decade. Coho has been a breath of fresh air in the coworking space community. The facility is well equipped and very well maintained. However, the real value comes from the way the business is operated. There's a genuine drive from Andrea to truly make the space a successful hub for all involved and not simply act as a landlord. We're stoked to be part of the community."

Fadi Eid - Jamjar Canteen

Our Coho Sunshine Members

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Our Members

Included Services

Included Services

Cleaning & Sanitation Supplies


Greywater Dumping

Member Perks

Office Space & Supplies

Oil Disposal

Retail Opportunities

wifi Icons

Rag Service

Waste Disposal

Security Cameras


Appliance Maintenance

Here to Help

Our kitchens are all managed by an on-site Commissary Manager, who will guide you through your business journey. They will be your taste tester, your cheerleader and your designated resource for how to operate your business successfully within our community. Leave the facility and appliance maintenance to us, and focus on the core of your business and what matters to your customers.

Coho commissary team
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