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Unique Food-Centered Team Building Ideas to Improve Collaboration

Welcome to the Sunshine Kitchen, where we believe that cooking is not only a way to nourish our bodies, but also an opportunity to connect with others and explore new cultures. Whether you're looking for a fun team building activity, a hands-on cooking class, a private party venue, or a unique stag party idea, we've got you covered. Located in Lower Gibsons, the kitchen is just a short drive away from the Langdale Ferry Terminal.

Our team building activities are designed to foster collaboration and communication among your team members, while giving them a chance to unleash their creativity in the kitchen. From our "Oh Shuck Yes!" oyster shucking workshop to our "Flavours of the Sunshine Coast" menu planning class, we offer a range of unique experiences that will challenge and inspire your team.

If you're looking to expand your culinary skills, our cooking classes are the perfect way to learn from experienced chefs and try your hand at new recipes. Whether you're interested in Lebanese cuisine, Cambodian street food, or gluten-free baking, we offer a range of classes that cater to all skill levels and dietary needs.

Hosting a private party or event? Look no further than Sunshine Kitchen. Our beautiful space is nestled between Brassica, our farm to table restaurant, and Coho Sunshine, our community Commissary kitchen. Watching the hussle and bussle of local artisans create their products, feeling a part of our community, is all part of the fun when you come to the Sunshine Kitchen.

Team Building Ideas related to Food

Food is a universal language that brings people together, and what better way to foster collaboration than through a shared culinary experience? In this article, we'll share unique team building ideas centered around food that will not only improve teamwork and communication but also satisfy your team's taste buds.

Oyster Shucking Workshop

An oyster shucking workshop is an excellent way to get your team to work together and learn about the unique flavors of different types of oysters. Trish Talks Fish offers the "Oh Shuck Yes!" workshop, where participants receive hands-on instruction on safe shucking techniques, presentation tips, and oyster pairing. The activity encourages communication and teamwork while enjoying delicious food.

Flavors of the Sunshine Coast Workshop

The "Flavors of the Sunshine Coast" workshop is a perfect team-building activity for teams interested in cooking and nutrition. Students learn about menu planning, sourcing seasonal and regional ingredients from the Sunshine Coast, and foraging. The team can work together to prepare a three-course meal and enjoy it while learning about each dish's preparation and ingredients. It's the perfect way to challenge your taste buds and expand your culinary horizons, all while enjoying a fantastic meal with friends, family, or colleagues. Ken is a culinary instructor with Vancouver Community College and has a wealth of experience in the field, most recently the Fairmont Empress.

Introduction to Lebanese Food Workshop

Presented by Jamjar, the experienced Lebanese restaurant, this workshop covers an introduction to the

Lebanese pantry, key ingredients, and spices that make Lebanese cuisine unique. Participants will learn how to prepare at least two dishes and enjoy them together. The activity encourages learning and trying new things while enjoying a delicious meal.

Introduction to Cambodian Food Workshop

The "Introduction to Cambodian Food" workshop is a perfect team-building activity for teams that want to learn about new cuisines and cultures. Wok In The Woods offers a workshop where participants work with the knowledgeable chef Tia to prepare and enjoy Cambodian dishes.

Fun with Food Workshop for Kids and Adults

If you're looking for a family-friendly team-building activity, Nourish offers a "Fun with Food" workshop created by Cheryl, the creator of Nourish Eatery in Sechelt. This workshop is an excellent way to teach both children and adults about the adventure of food and how trying new dishes can be a fun experience for everyone. Participants will work together to prepare and enjoy new dishes, encouraging teamwork and communication while enjoying delicious food.


In conclusion, food-centered team-building activities are an excellent way to improve collaboration and communication while enjoying delicious food. Coho Commissary's Sunshine Kitchen offers unique culinary workshops, including oyster shucking, Flavors of the Sunshine Coast and Introduction to Lebanese Food among others. These workshops encourage creativity, learning, and teamwork while satisfying your team's taste buds. Try one of these workshops to improve your team's collaboration and work environment.


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