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5 Female-Owned Food Businesses to Support for Women's History Month

It’s Women’s History Month! A time to celebrate the creativity, resilience, and achievements of women. And, of course, we’re going to be looking at those in the food industry. This month we wanted to highlight the hustle of 5 female business owners at Coho who are both seasoned and new entrepreneurs. Read on to learn about each of their stories and get inspired with words of wisdom! 

1. The Rooted Table

The Rooted Table is a custom meal prep and colourful catering company owned by Hilary Brent. After graduating from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Hilary started The Rooted Table as a side hustle. She provided custom meal prep, catering retreats, pop-up dinners, recipe development, food styling, and cooking workshops. Knowing she couldn’t have the impact she desired on her own, Hilary began to grow her team to nourish as many people as possible in the most meaningful ways.

“I have always been inspired by food as a catalyst for human connection and our collective well-being. Cooking people beautiful, nourishing food felt like the most tangible, impactful way that I could contribute to making the world a better place.”

Her greatest achievement so far:

“The sheer amount of people we have had the privilege of cooking for! When I look back at the past 6 years, I am astounded at how many people's lives we've been able to touch by doing what we love - cooking thoughtful, intentional food!

Hilary’s advice for young entrepreneurs:

"Be resilient and continue to show up even when things feel tough. Flow with your failures, get curious about your challenges and treat them as learning opportunities and portals opening up to your next evolution. Trust the process!”

2. Suspiro Lovers

Suspiro Lovers makes traditional Brazilian meringues for every occasion. Owner Daniela Oliveira has over 25 years of experience working in IT and in 2022 decided to pursue her passions in patisseries. She started Suspiro Lovers out of her home kitchen and eventually joined us at Coho Powell, where she's been scaling up her productions to offer the unique taste and texture of her meringues to more people – while still managing her full-time job as a Project Manager!

“My goal was to offer Canadians something truly different. My great-grandmother’s meringues were unbeatable! During our family gatherings, the entire family counted down the moments until we could delight her meringues.
After sampling a couple of local meringues, I became confident that my gourmet meringues offered a fresh and unique taste and texture, all thanks to their natural ingredients and absence of artificial flavours and preservatives. Seeing my customers find a link to their childhood memories through my meringues, enriched with a touch of Brazil, fills me with happiness and gratitude. This is what keeps me motivated to keep progressing.”

Her greatest achievement so far:

“My greatest accomplishment was specializing in gourmet meringues and founding Suspiro Lovers.”

Daniela’s advice for young entrepreneurs:

“I always say if there is something you really want and you will not give up until you get it, there is no other option: you will get it! You just need to be patient, keep working, and learn from your mistakes. Enjoy the journey!”

3. Fourth Avenue Treats

Fourth Avenue Treats prepares vegan and gluten-free sweets out of Coho Pandora. Owner Naomi Levitin is on a mission to provide tasty treats to adults and kids who have a variety of alternative dietary requirements so that they can eat high-quality, beautiful desserts too. Her ultimate goal is to shift peoples' perceptions of gluten-free, vegan treats.

“I had been a jewelry designer for 20 years, it was the start of the pandemic and my upcoming craft fairs were all canceled. I found myself looking for something fun and different to keep myself occupied and started playing in my home kitchen (on E. 4th Ave.). Several of my close family members and friends have dietary restrictions, and I wanted to offer them treats they could enjoy.
Like previous decisions in my life, the idea of turning this into a business was quite spontaneous. I launched Fourth Avenue Treats in January 2021 and signed up for the Vancouver Farmers Market New Vendor Bootcamp.”

Her greatest achievement so far:

“I would say that my greatest accomplishment is hearing from customers about how much they enjoy my treats, including those who do not have dietary restrictions.”

Naomi’s advice for young entrepreneurs:

“Follow your heart and do something that gives you purpose, meaning and joy. Don't be afraid to take that leap of faith, while trying to educate yourself about the industry as much as you can.  I have learned a lot from fellow market vendors, kitchen mates, and other people who work in the industry. The community is very supportive.”

4. Sriracha Revolver

Sriracha Revolver is a proudly Indigenous hot sauce brand. ​Jordan Hocking founded Sriracha Revolver Hot Sauce Inc. in 2017 with the goal of creating a staple product that adds fun, flavour and inspiration to the chef at home. Jordan is a mom, wife, Indigenous entrepreneur and proud member of Sweetgrass First Nation.

“I have always loved hosting and gathering with friends and family and cooking for them. I started making hot sauce as gifts. It’s a creative outlet for me and since I have a background in sales and marketing it’s an opportunity to use my experience, while also making something that brings people joy.”

Her greatest achievement so far:

“My kids see their mom being an entrepreneur, working hard at production, communicating directly with my customers at markets; they see their mom’s products in magazines or hear me chatting on the radio. Seeing me pursue a goal and be myself, as well as push myself out of my comfort zone is normal for them. I can call on our shared journey of the last several years as examples for them when they are working on their own projects and goals.”

Jordan’s advice for new entrepreneurs:

“I would say that you don’t always know what your next step will be but that should not be a discouragement. We all know what it feels like to be new at a job. Entrepreneurship is the same, but often you’re the only one who sees the struggle, confusion and self-doubt that can creep up. Keep your eye on the big picture and always be willing to ask for help.”

5. Coast Cookie Company

Coast Cookie Company is a new business that makes decadent cookies, wedding cakes, birthday cakes and cupcakes. Owner Alea Flett has a passion for creating memorable experiences for her community on the Sunshine Coast, one cookie at a time.

“As a mom of two living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast BC, the inspiration behind starting my own bakery business runs deep. It all began with my unwavering passion for baking and the immense joy it brings to others. There's something truly magical about the aroma of freshly baked goods filling the air and the smiles that light up people's faces when they take that first bite.”

Her greatest accomplishment so far:

“My greatest accomplishment in my baking business has been the privilege to teach young kids how to bake. It has allowed me to make a positive difference in their lives, inspire their passion for baking, and create lasting memories. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge and love for baking with the next generation, and I look forward to continuing this journey of teaching and spreading the joy of baking in my community.”

Alea’s advice for new entrepreneurs:

“Believe in yourself: Trust your skills, creativity, and passion for baking. Have confidence in your abilities and don't be afraid to take risks. Believe that you have what it takes to succeed, even when faced with obstacles.”

More Women-Owned Businesses

Coho Commissary is home to 100+ local food & beverage businesses. We are proud that almost 50% of our membership includes brands that are women-owned! Beyond those highlighted above, check out the list below for more inspiring women who operate their businesses out of our shared commercial kitchen spaces across BC.

Ghost Kitchens & Food Trucks

Meal Prep & Catering

Packaged Goods

Bakers & Confectioners

From heartwarming family recipes to innovative culinary creations, these women have not only crafted delicious food but also woven their stories into the fabric of their businesses. We hope their stories and words of wisdom inspire you to follow your dreams, even when the path is uncertain. 

Launch your culinary dreams today and apply to join Coho’s shared commercial kitchen spaces.


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