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5 local businesses to support in Victoria

As the food and beverage technology industry grows rapidly in Victoria, Coho is opening its fifth commissary kitchen (and first in Victoria) soon at 1701 Douglas Street.

We are excited to help grow the food and beverage start up ecosystem in Victoria by providing local entrepreneurs with flexible and affordable solutions to help their startup businesses succeed.

In Victoria, there are many great companies that operate out of home kitchens and other commissary kitchens.

We are thrilled to share with you the startups that are working hard to develop their business by producing quality products. We've compiled a list of local food businesses we look forward to working alongside .

1. Jenny Marie Crackers

Born from a love of baking Jenny Marie founded her cracker empire in 2011 initially selling baked goods at her local farmers market. However, her most popular item? Crackers. Since introducing a retail component in 2012, her business has grown, but her crackers are still “baked fresh to order, naturally vegan and addictively delicious”.

2. Cowichan Pasta Company

In 2010, Cowichan Pasta Company was founded from a combination of homegrown talent and a passion for seasonal ingredients by chef and owner Matt Horn. The prolific pasta company can now be found in grocery stores across British Columbia, where anyone can brass extruded pasta crafted from stone ground grains or filled with local and foraged ingredients.

3. Sirene Chocolates

A trailblazer in the bean-to-bar movement, Sirene Chocolates was founded by owner Taylor Kennedy’s “lifelong obsession of wanting to know how life works.” Fuelled by this curiosity, after 17 years of working with National Geographic, the Victoria native focuses on every step of the supply chain. This ensures not only in ethical practices from farmer to freight, but the highest quality, and award winning, chocolate bar.

4. Hazel's Ice Cream

Hazel's Ice cream is a family business born from a dream 35 years in the making. However, the business itself started in the early months of 2020, when son, Sam, and Founder, Ron, decided to take their fathers’ dream seriously and purchased a solar-electric food cart. With sustainability at the heart of their business and family, Hazel's Ice Cream offer hand dipped ice cream bars with unique flavors such as the “Razzle Dazzle” and “Coffee Toffee”.

5. ​​Kove Ocean Foods

“Grown using only seaweed and sunlight”, Kove Ocean Food’s seasoning blends rely on the climate positive miracle plant, that is seaweed. However, not just good for the environment, seaweed is also high in vitamins, minerals and lends its natural salinity and umami to create their innovative product line.

Coho is committed to supporting local communities, and we will continue to look for opportunities to partner with local entrepreneurs and stakeholders to identify ways that we can further support small business development in Victoria.

"We have big plans in this city and are thrilled to announce the opening of our new commissary kitchen in our province's capital and help to drive more food concepts to the area. This is our first Victoria location and a second is expected to open this fall." Andrew Barnes, CEO of Coho Collective

As excited as we are to join this thriving community, commissary kitchens give entrepreneurs the opportunity to get started with minimal overhead costs, freeing up money to grow their business. Instead of working out of your own home and spending valuable time commuting to and from different locations, businesses can save money on rent, utilities and transportation.

For more information, please visit Coho Commissary Victoria Hudson.



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