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How to apply to Coho Commissary

Whether you are a brand new start up or an established food business, joining a commissary kitchen is a new experience for everyone. It might seem like the application process is long and daunting, but we are here to help you through it all.

At Coho we work hard to make onboarding as smooth as possible. We know that launching a new food business requires hard work and dedication, and at Coho we try to make things easier for you by outlining everything step by step. We have helped over 150 businesses join our commissary kitchens, and are excited to welcome you aboard!

Read below to learn how to apply and join Coho Commissary step by step. If you prefer, you can also watch this video.

1. What you need

The first step to apply is to know your needs. Make sure to take a look at the different options we offer. Decide whether you need a Class 1 or Class 2 kitchen, what equipment you might need, and what region you want to work in (Vancouver, Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Island, White Rock, etc).

Once you have researched which commissary kitchen fits your needs, you need to fill out a short interest form. This form helps us learn more about your company and your needs, to be able to find the best package for you. It should take less than 5 minutes to complete, and will be an essential part of your application.

2. Set up a Quick Chat

Once we have received your application, our team will get in touch with you to set up a 15 minute chat. During this call, we are happy to answer any questions you may have and learn more about your unique needs. The Quick Chat is a mandatory step in the application process in order to be considered for a spot. After your call, we will send you an email with pricing information and video tours of the facility you are interested in so you can better consider your options.

If there is a spot available for you, you will be able to sign your contract almost immediately. We will arrange a commissary tour with the Commissary Manager so you can visit the facility in person.

If there isn’t a spot available, we will add you to the waiting list. We will contact you as soon as a spot is available. We will also send emails with the availability, in case your needs change. Keep an eye out for them!

3. Sign the contract

Once the kitchen tour has been completed and you are happy with your package, we will issue your contract.

Our contract is a legally binding document that sets the rules of membership and responsibilities between Commissary management and Member. It is for the protection of both parties and we require you to review it fully to ensure you know what you are signing. To complete the process a deposit must be paid (and will be detailed within your contract). The deposit is refundable two weeks after your last day in the kitchen unless something is withheld as per contract.

We will then schedule an orientation to go over kitchen rules, security protocol, cleaning processes, training on our online system, etc., prior to your VCH on site inspection. This part of the process can be completed within 1-3 days.

Upon signing, our commissary managers will work with you closely to ensure you receive VCH approval, receive your business license, and meet all insurance requirements.

At Coho, we strive to provide a lower barrier of entry to get your food business started, access commercial kitchen equipment and locations in prime real estate locations throughout British Columbia. Get started with your application process today by clicking the link below.


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